Can i work with you guys or partner ?

Sure.. we are open for business  to work with you on any requests or ideas you can  imagine, serving you is why we are here

Is my website going to be a one page website (or landing page) as they call it ?

No & Yes... Let's explain; it's a fully functional website and you can let us know if you want a "one pager" and I will switch it to a one pager at no extra cost in minutes.

What other things Can I do on My website ?

We’re working hard day and night to make sure we give people with ideas in africa Freedom, and with freedom, anything is possible, that’s why we encourage you to talk to us, if there is anything it can’t do, we’re ready to work on it.

Why are you guys doing this ?

We understand that growing a business is not easy and building a website is usually one of the first things business owners have a challenge with.That's why we took it up as a challenge to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you to get online and not have to incur a lot of cost upfront, a website that can grow with you as your business grows.