Premium text messaging platform giving you the freedom  to manage web to SMS for multiple users, either from the web or within our native mobile apps.

aptSMS is powered by competitive messaging platforms that have already served numerous companies and individuals, which has remarkably done well in terms of performance and innovation. the aptSMS platform offers a complete set of  innovative features and applications to promote an easy user experience for users and our partners. Visit to log in and have an experience of what our messaging system is like

Some of aptSMS features are:

  • Quick and easy user interface with a responsive layout that adapts to user's Device
  • Your own bespoke brand and colors
  • Full feature Add on mobile apps \ to encourage smartphone users
  • Dynamic branded newsletter system
  • Multiple user right level for Managers and Resellers which you get to  decide on.
  • Continuous support with development of agreed new features based on request
  • and lots more